We believe in sustainable fashion

Apostamos por la moda sostenible

We believe in sustainable fashion


At Blue Hole we were born to live and actively share the values ​​of sustainable fashion. We want to start with you a path towards the most responsible and authentic design, discovering, contributing and supporting initiatives and innovative, ecological and brave ideas.

Each of our vegetable tanned leather belts is one more reason to believe in authentic ethical and sustainable fashion; pieces of unique, elegant and timeless design that, at the same time, have been created in a traditional way, using the most respectful techniques with people and with the Planet.

We are a brand with a strong environmental and social responsibility in all areas and processes. But this is only the beginning of the road. We were born to become, from the Canary Islands, a small window to the world, capable of transmitting the quality and honest work of those craftspeople who love nature and the purest beauty.

Sustainable fashion with a unique character

Yes, like all authentic things, our belts have a unique history and personality.

Designed and made in Spain,  They combine a courageous, friendly and open personality with the passion and wisdom of the Italian artisans of Tuscany, experts in vegetable tanned leather.

One of the main characteristics of vegetable tanned leather is that its pores are left open, allowing the leather to create a unique and beautiful patina over the time. Our leather improves with the passage of the time. And therefore, all our belts share the same character that emanate from three principles:


Blue Hole is a distinctive brand, loyal to its history and the feeling of personal legacy that transcends us. Far from passing fads, we offer you belts that will set you apart from the rest, always going one step ahead of what is established.


Our belts are born from the feeling of having no restriction, of knowing that we can and should believe in ourselves and in our dreams. We share your same spirit of improvement and we respond to your desire to build a better world and more sustainable by creating a new concept of more responsible, ethical and coherent fashion.


Our greatest commitment to you is to always be consistent and faithful with what we think, say, do and offer. We balance a 100% artisan process with a deep knowledge of fashion and the latest design trends to respond to your need to differentiate yourself with a dynamic, young and fresh style and to collaborate with the most responsible fashion and manufacturing.

An idea by itself cannot change the world, but if it is shared, evolves and becomes a lifestyle, it will inevitably end up changing it. This is the path we want to follow with our idea of ​​sustainable fashion belts, can you come with us?